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Samford Aquatics - Who are We?

The Samford Aquatics Team

We are a young, but educated group of instructors and support people who love swimming and children. Our aim is to have every child in the Samford Valley swimming confidently as soon as possible. We also want every adult to enjoy aqua fun and fitness - it's genuinely the most fun you can have getting wet in public!

Our team are fully qualified and trained to the highest level. Every instructor holds an Aust Swim Teacher of Aquatics Certificate as well as the Aust Swim Access & Inclusion certificate ensuring they are fully versed with the knowledge and information required to deliver programs and services that meet the needs of a diverse range of people who use the aquatic environment with needs including: :

  • disabilities
  • chronic conditions
  • age, and
  • cultural and linguistically diverse backgrounds

Each instructor has also achieved the AUSTSWIM extension certificate in teaching for Infant and Preschool Aquatics along with their Bronze Medallions. 

Finally, each instructor is also Teacher Water Safety (TWS), First Aid and CPR qualified. Genuinely as qualified as they can be- you need never have a worry with regard to safety and safe working standards.

From our admin team, to our highly trained swimming instructors and the personal trainers, all our team love what they do. They all want you to enjoy their expertise and customer service every time you visit. Our core AUSTSWIM qualified instructors are friendly, experienced and caring who manage small classes in and a warm environment. A successful formula which ensures everyone can learn to swim with ease and confidence.


Emma W - Director & Chief InstructorEmma W - Director and Chief Instructor 

Samford Aquatics- the perfect organisation to ensure all swim teaching is operated at the highest standard. Also, Emma was determined the whole pool precinct would embody the joy of fun and fitness in the water.

Emma actually started learning to swim in this very pool with Don McDonald when she was only in Kindy, when the pool was only 3 lanes wide and there was little or no other infrastructure. However, Emma appreciated the way she was being taught and really enjoyed the whole process so much, she has been an avid swimmer her whole life.

Her mum, Jill says that Emma never had to be encouraged to get in the water, as soon as she could, swimming laps and using the water as a fitness hub was all she wanted to do.

Emma was a student at the Samford State School and well remembers what it was like coming in for her swimming lessons during PE. She was also a star swimmer at The Gap High School where she was given the opportunity to be a part of their water polo team - this was proven to be the catalyst for her future, a bit like handing Leighton Hewitt a tennis racquet.

Emma went on to to be accepted into the Australian under 16s squad and  Queensland Academy of Sport under 20s  water polo squad. She was also in their player development program and played in the National League with the Brisbane Barracudas.

Samford Aquatics has become her focus since an injury in Europe kept her out of water polo in the last few year. Emma thoroughly enjoys spending time teaching the children and hopes her love of the water is passed on to all who learn with her.  



Shania - InstructorPeter - Instructor 

Peter is also a Samford State School Alumnae as well and is currently in grade twelve at Ferny Grove State High School where he is studying English, Math, Music, Physical Education, Art and completing a certificate three in fitness. At the start of the year he was voted in as the Ferny Grove Sports Captain.

 As sports captain he assist in organising all school sporting competitions and events. Peter also coach the Junior Volleyball team, who recently went to the Queensland schools volley ball championships placed and third in the state. He assist in the coaching of many other sporting teams as well as volley ball. 

Peter competes in many different sports at different levels. This year he will be traveling with the Senior Volleyball team and the junior volleyball team to multiple different competitions across Australia as both a player and as a coach. He also compete in athletics and recently made it to the regional competition.

Peter is hoping to study teaching after finishing grade 12.



Emma W2


Emma W2 (because with have two Emma W's) is also a Samford State School Alumnae as well as being a previous school captain of St Paul's Anglican High School. Emma is currently studying Occupational Therapy at ACU. 

Coaching indoor volley ball is Emma's passion and helping her team achieve their best is reflected in this as well as her swim teaching methods. Emma loves working with children and her study is also aimed at paediatric occupational therapy in the future. 

Swimming for Emma has always been a relaxing and enjoyable pass time which she tries to pass onto the children she feels privileged to teach. 

Her 'free' time also includes participating in squad training in the mornings and netball in the afternoon. As a long time (and current) Samford resident, Emma feels a very real connection to her students and the community.

Zoe - InstructorAbi - Instructor

Abi is one of our ‘Learn To Swim’ instructors. Graduating from All Hallows` in 2016 and has been working for us for 18 months.

Abi was always heavily involved in school sporting activities, for which she was presented an excellence award in 2014. Whilst it was rowing that was Abi’s primary sport in high school, the discipline and dedication that encompassed this activity has become engrained in the way in which she pursues her goals. Swimming since the age of two however, becoming a ‘Learn to Swim’ teacher, whilst incorporating the principles she had gained from all her sporting participation, seemed to be Abi’s obvious next step.Additionally, currently studying a Bachelor of Midwifery at ACU, Abi has a passion for working with people and in particular, children. Having the opportunity to combine her love for sport and people, and pursue it in such an enjoyable environment, is the reason Abi loves the job!  



Alana - Aqua Aerobics Instructor


Aqua Aerobics Instructor

A teacher in every sense of the word, Alana helps to make every Aqua Aerobics class an event. 

Alana also is a high school year co-ordinator relatively locally and this experience gives her the ability to engage and encourage all those who are fortunate enough to be in one of her classes.

We have class members travel from long distances to take Alana's classes and they are from every age and fitness level imaginable. 


I moved to Australia from UK 3 years ago, and I love it here.

I have been a swim teacher for 6 years and I love it. You may recognise me from Snap Fitness Samford where I am a personal trainer. I am really looking forward to teaching here, and look forward to meeting you all!






Jill W

Administration, Kiosk Team Leader and Aqua Aerobics Instructor

Jill is the embodiment of local hero. Having been in and out of running her own business for over 18 years and working in the Samford State School community until fairly recently, Jill is always there to help in this wonderful community.

Living in the Samford Valley since 1998 Jill's 3 children all attended Samford State School, with her twin boys now at Ferny Grove H.S.

Jill loves Aqua Aerobics and sometimes leads a class on Wednesdays and Fridays. Whilst not being a lap swimmer, Jill is a perfect example of where you can really enjoy the water and use it to improve your fitness whilst having fun.

Jill is still a netball tragic, coaching and running the Ferny Grove based Phoenix Netball Club.

Away from the pool and netball, Jill loves socialising, enjoys a great meal out, a delightful beverage and any music at all except for rap!

Managing the administration for Emma W, Jill is often the first contact you have with Samford Aquatics. Feel free to chat with her and ask her any questions you may have. Jill is delighted to make customer service her main priority.